Dj eKleCtic – 2017 Bollywood Mix



Whats going on y’all? 2017 has been good to me so far. Visited LA, KC, and Vancouver already, with many other plans in the works.

Since relocating to Seattle, I have been focused on some other professional matters but now that I am settled into my job I have more time for dj’ing. I want to get into the Indian/Bollywood/Bhangra Dj’ing scene in SEATTLE and surrounding areas. I have done a few gigs out here but I have not done anything Indian related since my time in KC.

Dj’ing Indian events back in KC was a great way to for me to stay in tune with my Indian culture as well stay up to date on the newest trends and songs. This is the main reason I want to get back into it. I feel like since relocating to Seattle I have become less Indian.

Anyways, I will stop with the rant. Thanks for listening to the mix and let me know if you want any of the track titles. As always I have to mix it up in true “eKleCtic” fashion so the end of this mix is a rapid fire of BHANGRA tracks.

This mix is for promotional use only. I am hoping with “Word of Mouth” and sharing this mix I will get a few potential gigs lined up. Referrals are always appreciated and I will compensate.

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