Pre-Made Mixes

Soo… many of our customers are looking for a Dj for the event but they don’t want to pay the full price because they realize the event is 5 hours long and they only need a DJ for just 1 hour.

One of the solutions we offer is: “Pre-Made Mixes”.

We can make a pre-made mix for your event that you can simply sit back hit play and enjoy the music.   Of course, we will add the songs you want to the mix and we will round out the mix with some other tracks to make sure everything flows well.  Often our customers ask that we edit the mix to ensure everything is clean and this is no issue for us.

In the end the customer gets a great mix that they can use more than once, they don’t have to pay the full cost of a DJ, and there is less coordination/efforts on their part.  We believe this is a great solution for these certain types of events.

Please reach out to us if this is something you might be interested in for your next event!

This is a “Pre-Made Mix” we made for a customer in Kansas City.   She was hosting her child’s birthday party so it was important to make sure all the music was edited and clean.


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