Dj’ing Saturday Nov. 17 at Tonic (Lawrence, KS)

Facebook Event Here! So this is pretty much one of two real clubs in Lawrence.  The main focus of the place is drinks and music so that is good for me.  This is my first time dj’ing there so I am pretty excited. 

Father Figures Hip Hop Show

Last Thursday, Nov. 8th I dj’d for rap duo Father Figures at there show at the Jackpot in Lawrence, KS. It was a great success. I opened the show up with a good hip hop set for about an hour and then Tactical Finesse came in as an opener and killed there set. Then I…

New Trap Banger.

I am always looking for new cutting edge music. I start searching Monday and I think I found a banger at the start of the week.

Dj’d last week in Lawrence.

So I have been dj’ing a lot as of recently. The most recent club I have dj’d at was the Barrel in Lawrence, KS. This place normally doesn’t usually have dj’s but they are trying something different. It definitely got LIVE that night.

Dholi Deep and Dj eKleCtic reunite in Seattle.

Deep tells me he is going to Seattle for the weekend to DJ.  I was surprised at first and then a bit mad because I have literally yet to see Deep dj live before.  So then the next day my Sister calls me and she wants me to come help her in Seattle.  So here…

Bharath Mix

Bharath Mix All customers:  We provide the best Bharath Services in Kansas City.  We have the best Dholi in Kansas (Dholi Deep) along with the option of a mobile Bharath with music services. Example:  If you are having a walking Bharath for a wedding we will have Dholi Deep playing the dhol alongside the grooms…

Dhol Mix

Be on the look out. This Friday I will be making a 20 minute essential Barath remix.  It will consist of classic dance bhangra songs that work so well with a Dholi.

Dhol Poll

A couple of months ago, we posted a poll up for our facebook fans to vote on a new song for me to play my dhol to. Stereo Hearts by the Gym Class Heroes won by a blowout. I’m about a month and a half late on this, but here is a sneak peak of…

New Moombahton remixes

So recently I found some new music and actually found a whole new genre of electronic music.  It is a mash between electronic and regaetone music.  I am starting to love it and I am using it more and more in my mixes.  Be on the look out for all new music coming soon.  A…

Gotta Have It Rusko Mashup

New Mastered version of Dj eKleCtic – Gotta Have It Rusko Mash up. It is fire check it out and spread the word:

New eKleCtic

It has been a while so I randomly did this the other night. Nothing fancy or super good but I like it. An eKleCtic mix of dance music.