Uzma and Shabir Sultani

Dk productions dj’ed my wedding in September, 2016.  Kanwar (the main DJ) and Deep (the main Dholi) did an amazing job! A few weeks before, I told them what I was generally looking for and the rest was stress free for me. We had a wide variety of guests and cultures and they were able to entertain everyone.  They have a large and eclectic collection of music, whether it is Bollywood music, arab music, bhangra, hip hop, or electronic music… the dance floor was never empty. Because there was so much on the program, we were looking for someone to help guide the event as well. DK prods worked with our wedding planner to keep our guests informed and emcee through different cultural events, including entrances for the bridal party. I will definitely be using them for future events.


Jen Harris and Jon Palmer

We chose to hire KP after hearing him DJ at another wedding reception. KP exceeded our expectations at every turn. KP is such a friendly, constructive, calm, reassuring and easygoing individual. He is always professional, on time, and a pleasure to work with. KP was a big help both before and during the event. Before the event, it was very easy to discuss our vision for the event with KP— We had a great time talking over music selections, and the “flow” we wanted the event to have. He had good suggestions based on his extensive DJ experience. He gladly played the music we knew we wanted at the earlier parts of the event, and ran the equipment flawlessly. He helped create a smooth-running event, allowing for speakers, a live band, and dinner music to weave seamlessly. KP also ran all of the music during our ceremony perfectly. When it comes to making a dance floor work, KP is an expert. This is a main reason why we chose him over other DJs for the event. KP moved fluidly through the music we provided, and took things to the next level with his own sophisticated and hip selection of dance floor tracks. KP brought professional DJ equipment, set it all up ahead of time, worked in multiple formats (vinyl, CDs, laptop, and a DJ mixing rig). His song selection was excellent, and his mixing ability really impressed everyone—ensuring a fun, lively, (and- most importantly-full) dance floor.

We were very impressed and happy with the dance floor KP created. We would hire KP again for any DJ needs. — Jonathan and Jennifer, Seattle, WA


Deval and Isha Parik

Hey KP! Just wanted to say thank you again for DJ’ing our engagement party! Everybody loved the song selection and had a blast! You rocked!

Mr. and Mrs. Rohan Radhakrishna

We were very pleased with your services at our wedding reception.

Dr. Ankur Prakash

Just wanted to let you know you did awesome and thanks for bringing your “A” game.

Mr. Prachi Mahajan

Both of you did a wonderful job. Music was great and everybody had a good time. Thank you very much!

Mrs. Neelofar Khan

You did a great job.

I got calls and comments from ladies who attended the party,they were highly impressed by your talent,specially “Dholi”,I think you made may party a success, thanks.

Keep up the good work. best of luck.


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